Every once in a while you know you’re working on something very special. While listening to the third round of bounces of my new forthcoming album Galactica. Never before took the mixing process so serious and has it taken up so much of my time. It saddens me to look at the fact the concept of the album has gone out the window with the coming of the digital stores where anyone can buy a single track from what otherwise is meant as a whole. As such I’m looking for ways to release this album as the album it is. Funny though how the writing of the tracks didn’t take half as long and half as much effort as the technical and engineering side of it. As I’m steering towards the overproduced I’m also losing fear of precisely that. Once again the learning curve steeps while working on an album and finding myself blessed to be able to do so much in the box, as out of it. The symbiosis is mind blowing. Due to the fact the entire album exceeds the one hour limit, it is a handful to take in. But every time I make the journey it leaves me with satisfaction and amazement. Of how every time I manage to build a construct of sound and harmony superseding the previous ones. And telling a totally new musical tale all together. I’m also pretty flabbergasted about how the technical side has become so intertwined with the musical aspect of all of it. How shaping the audio and sonic part has become pivotal to the perfecting of the end state of the album as a whole. And in how it has gained such a musical share in the process, rather than the whole technical, mythical part. I’m glad I can find the patience to make these recordings sound the way they do now and most of all feel the way they make me feel. It’s all about energy, emotional energy, anyways. And the art of preserving it in order to ignite it when played back. I’m blessed to have the musical background I have and being able to pull from all I have got stored in my little grey cells and probably in my DNA by now to do just that. By what my father and uncle handed me when I was young. And to make it all come full circle again. To be finding myself being the recording artist, the producer, the engineer and mastering artist whilst having and maintaining a clear relationship with each of these schizo individuals living within me. Listening to all of it, closely is the key.


I’m not as outspoken as I’d like to be, these last days. So let us do something about that today.

I’ve been having a ball with all the hi-fly engineers on Pensado’s Place and a bunch of other places slash video’s, speaking out and supposedly letting all of us in on their recipes for their secret hot-sauce. I really enjoyed the interview Jack Joseph Puig did with Dave Pensado at the House Of Rock. It is truly heartwarming and very informative on a tech level in a cool kinda way. These two are great and truly wonderful and remarkably talented human beings. But back to the said; showing us how to use our plugs is fun and stuff but it doesn’t do too much for me. In the end it’s really the hardware at the end of the equation between you, me, the engineers, the ears and the taste and experience that ‘leave some space for God to walk into the room…’, for the real magic to happen. The ability to make certain key decisions at certain equally specific times under even more so, specific circumstances. Period. Next there’s that discussion on the whole ‘loudness’ thing, whilst preaching that the mix has to really come out nicely on the laptop speakers and the ear buds ‘cause that’s what everybody listens on most of the time. What the fuck is that all about. I mix for the compositions to come out right and  loud as reasonably possible; on any frigging system, with the best possible in mind firstly, the club secondly and hell yeah I make sure it sounds ok on my twenty five bucks desktop speakers so the mindless consumers get their fair share of quality too. But really guys; you expect us to believe all that ? I’ll stop there before I melt. i remember seeing a clip from Brauer who explicitly answered "I’m not going to tell you that…" when asked about a ‘real’ little mixing secret in the brauer-ize bag. With a huge grin. I truly believe in the ‘sharing is good’ thing, but it only creates a bunch of drones, a flock of clones. Trying to re-do what’s been done over and over and over and over again. My one and only episode, for example, would be very brief: I would show you the favorite plug of the week and go through some of the ways I’d use it and then tell you to forget about it and to go: MAKE UP YOUR OWN FUCKING MIND AND EXPERIMENT UNTIL YA CAN’T NO MORE WITH EVERYTHING YOU CAN POSSIBLY GET YOUR HANDS ON. … you feel me?

Headroom baby.

I’m pushing the envelope with my production schedule and I’m literately working my kidneys out of my back to get it all done in the time I’ve set out for it. Not the smartest thing but …. Luiz DePalma’s 124. EP’s a gem. All about the magic tempo’s 124, 129.5, 133 etc. Did all the tracks on this one in 124 and with something minimal on my mind. I think it turned out really sweet. The new Artwerk - The Art Of Tech was more of a release from that and I let myself fall down the ladder back to where I belong. Next on the list are: 7WFIO where I take a famous Nadia Ali sample and rip it to pieces in a lingering way. Then Public Records, four harder and pumping techno tracks on one disc. Tracks are done, some final gathering and mastering to do and off it goes. I’ve finished the Orcio - Beyond remixes, four of ‘m on a plate. Came out nice too I think. All these will be out next month, around the 20th or so. Then, hhh, let me sigh for a second, there is a The Binary Quartet EP / Album I’m finishing up and a live album I did, do in Ableton; Wood Steel and Stone which i’m still scouting a location for to record a completely live version of the album to be released simultaneously with the studio version. And last but not least there’s Galacticaaaaa. Listening to the first bunch of mixes as I’m writing this and feel that it’s pushing towards the end of its birth. But I’m not in any hurry with that one. Kind of want it not to be over and so I keep fidgeting with it. But it’ll be done before the summer. I have no clue as to what I’ll be doing after that and rightly so.




This would probably, definitely maybe, be the last post of 2013. Back in the studio doing what I do best. With a rejuvenated view on things and all the time to spare. I’ve closed the book on this year which brought me a lot of really good stuff, alot. I’m all focused on 2014 and my mindset’s on what music is waiting in the gloom. I feel happy looking and listening back on 2012 and 2013 but I’m just tingling with excitement of what is about to come. Galactica, 124., W.S.and S. Minimalistic, the new Orcio, all great new stuff that got started over the last few months and I’m in no hurry to finish but will reveal themselves next year. I really want to bring some tasty gravy to the table. I’m just happy that I have the time and place to apply what I’ve recently learned, to it. Grateful, for the lack of a better word. I’m slowly restoring what got lost before I came to stay in the Colombian Sun and drive Villa Maya. To get, be back on top. Sober, and féliz. Time is all you need, right ;-) Happy 2014 all. Sky’s the limit…



Time away from the machine. Music on vintage gear and open fires to celebrate the daily sundown. Dancing amber orange colored clouds. Food that tastes like food. Some distance between the illusion of that persistent site we tend to call ‘the real world’ which is in fact; nothing. Away from our moronic efforts to make believe it matters, which will eventually, be our demise. That’s what; I think this blog episode should be about. I’ve been thinking about it for almost two weeks or so, since the quiet settled in, being here up and away. I’ve actually been thinking and doing about it for the last twenty years or more but never felt the urge to rub your noses in it. Then whilst firing up my mobile web connection after two weeks of absence of the cyber; watching everyone posting and re-posting all the misery minor and major injustices from all over the place, or commenting on these with all the false petty to spare, I come to think to myself what the fuck are you all really doing about it now? Other than standing in awe of it and the immensity of it. Liking the shit out of, well… , all of it, regardless of the suffering, horror or humiliating criminal injustice of the point in case. Opening another cold Chablis or some overpriced beer, while snapping a photo of the enjoyed decadence, to share it into oblivion amongst the latter. So what are you actually doing about ‘this' now? To compensate, counteract or repair. Where 'this' stands for that very injustice and horror that makes our, yours, this decadence possible? Still paying away to all the big nationals and multinationals who 'supposedly' are responsible for this pointless control, enslavement and economical exploitation on a scale never seen before. Nop and nada. Voting and supporting these corrupt idiots who keep widening the law for 'it' to keep happening, whilst lining their pockets. With your money -still- in the very banks we blame for the, our current enslavement to debt. The blatant hypocrisy of that very narcissistic unawareness just became incredibly visible and incredibly annoying, to be quite polite. That very futile sideline activism is what keeps us in this flux and in this downward spiral of decline. It makes me truly ashamed to be part of it, part of us. More than I already was and have been. It's all the little 'right' things you are supposedly doing in that the problem persists. It is in your civil obedience and your crumbling on the imposed fear that lies the true solution. Not that I endorse; you running out and start setting fire to wall street employees, or blowing up banks with home made explosives… That would be silly. Or would it? But I do think some collective and immediate actions could bring down the house in one smooth streak. Those would include: taking your money out of the bank, all of it; today. Don’t borrow any more money from anyone who charges interest: EVER. Sell whatever you can to pay back your outstanding loans tomorrow. Demand to be payed in cash, always-everywhere and by everyone - no exceptions. Stop driving, flying and move consciously or else forget it, it’s not worth it. Take the train or downscale to an electric bike or car. Stop paying for fossil energy or any energy for that matter. Get creative. I do not need to elaborate here. Free energy has been possible for over 50 years, anyone remember this guy Tesla ? Geothermal ?? Hm? Grow your own if possible, there’s more possible than you can imagine, indoors and outdoors. And last but surely not least: stop buying shit you don’t need. Especially from the major companies which I will not name but everyone knows which. Exchange the supermarket for the local guy or girl. So on, et cétera y ad infinitum. And please, stop working for these companies or hey better even; just stop working for any company you don’t know every single person who works there and know what it is really all about. "utopian jack-ass…" I now hear you thinking. Quite the contrary. If half of all of you would truly do one of the above starting today, the effect might surprise you and might clear the way for your children’s children to grow up in a ‘truly changing into a better and free-er world’, probably free of the slavery and oppression we now have unleashed upon ourselves, our kids and in turn theirs; mentally, economically and spiritually. Imagine the landslide if all off you would do all of the latter. Whohoo. Stop obeying blindly what you are told to do to supposedly protect what you supposedly hold dear and shed your fear of what you don’t know, yet. Letting go completely might be the best thing you will ever do … Share, but not on face or twitter; but from your fridge, from your wallet and mostly from your soul and its universal experience. Downscale your life and most of all your ego. The thing’s this: most of you already know all this, so more foo on you in particular for not acting according your supposed opinions as they appear in front of me. And please, DON’T ‘like’ anything that needs no ‘liking’. It really makes you look like an ass. So. It is in moving back into nature that all this became too important not to mention out loud. And equally; the decision to go back to ‘that’ place now lies in front of me like a rotten apple and I am contemplating leaving it all for what it is and stay here growing out my beard again. It all reminds me of a phrase I hold very dear; "making music, just for the music of it …"