I am now the town guerrilla.

I tether my blimp, raise my tent on fields far beyond me in my home town and provence. Beyond where I thought I would ever spend the night listening to Galactica on my Senheiser cans from my battery starved laptop.

I am a stranger again. On this here rock. A lost tourist.

Thanx to my #a friends, I have a couch to crash on, a few beers to share and a sound to explore. I am here, online, again. This time I will allways be, frank.

so, those who hate;


those who love;



Ola. {Olá, Oleelo, Miss Murp}

03 03 2003 - 06 09 2014

Grateful for these last years little one. Have a safe return. You are dearly missed little bug.


There is a thin line between knowing your path and walking it. Knowing when to leave and knowing when to stay and tend to those who need tending, even though I’ve been running on fumes. I’ve been drawn back into nature and away from the human race, the machine. I am on a daily basis considering leaving it all, all behind. Music, the game, love, human interaction, all of it. Behind. To just go it alone again. I slept with the deers, rabbits and hares for the past few days, without any running hardware, without the connection. With fire, uneven sleeping ground, with fight or flight adrenalin in my system, because guerrilla-camping is highly prohibited in this puto-country -I’ve been camping for a good three weeks now-            I looked one straight in the eyes last sunrise after a sleepless night. While sitting on the porch of my tent, pealing a peach. I turned my eyes away as if to say, to signal, ‘I’m never gonna hurt you, sorry to have stranded on your patch, on your stomping ground, I’m cool.’ I controlled my breathing and just went about my biz. Two beautiful brother deers then shuffled down into the dune pan in front of me to graze on the fresh, morning dew sweetened grass. This is where I want to be. This is where I think things are still ok. Where they are teaching me my place in a way the human family can no more. Only nature can. See the world and the cosmos the way it is meant to be viewed; from a humble point of view. But with the eye of an eagle and the mind of a brazen philosopher with a sciencemind. And, as the mother it is, to us. To us all. All-of-us.




The grass is always greener over there …

As the world turns I have now separated myself. From the machine, from the ‘real-world’. My heart is truly broken, I doubt if anyone or anything could ever mend it. I am moving in to deep, into the deep. I live broken, in a broken world. And I’ve given up wanting to fix it. And that’s not a good thing. I truly wonder if all of this was ever truly meant to be. I drink Belgium beers to drown the pain and the noise. I’m wishing it would all dial the fuck down. I wish for many things. Equally; love has left me as I watched it fly out the window, listening to the trains I thought once so suitable to rip my head clean off.

The green chestnut tree leaves in neon light are still amazing from the window out on to the village street. Abcoude is a wonderfully quiet place. No one would notice me sneaking away quietly.

I’ve been told; my life’s story needs telling and so I will write a book. Just trying to get my head around it. But yet it dawned on me that doing such a thing would require well; me, writing it.

What a bomb.

But still I think it would be worth the while. Hence I will spend the next two months doing just that. Writing a book. About me, my life, top to bottom. All the failures, all the gold. What would Pat say, I wonder … I’ll just have to get over that, wouldn’t I ?

And there you have it, in a nutshell.


Wummie. {rufus, roef, ouwe rups}

1999 - 2014

Thank you for your kindness and your friendship. Goodbye my old friend and godspeed.


The Noamsky Brief


'I'm not surprised the state it is in. The human family I mean…

I guess it started with me needing some freedom, of speech that is. Not your regular freedom. That would be a minor to a major fifth. Some freedom to roam where I like to roam. In my white pants dancing in a white candle lit room with a view. No strings attached. Writing and recording. Day and nite, when I get around to it.

Listening to the collected works of Alan Watts tapes downloaded in 2011 sort of kicked the thing off. I came beware of something I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at the time. But it dawned at me that we truly are in a state of flux. All of us, not a good one I might add. Economically, culturally and politically. Not that I could do anything about that other than for myself. Yet I wanted to do something with that, beyond me. Something musical, not mentally. I’ve been aware of Noam Chomsky for a while but never felt it to be, something, I’d have to do something with. I felt that the message that Noam’s facts and seasoned humor are sending out is pretty compelling by its very self, as is Alan’s. Alongside the Watts download I found a Chomsky pack which I grabbed. It was only after listening to Alan in the morning and Noam in the evening for a while that I got it. I was working on The Binary Quartet album at the time and not fully absorbed by the process. I would be up and about in my studio, white pants, candles and rum; stopping well lets say; Shifting Gears; and start a random Noam Chomsky lecture, that I saw the connection. Between being awake and asleep. Between fun, and no fun. Fun? Alive, … dead? anyone?

I have to elaborate; Where being asleep is living, but that’s not quite the right word for being alive and asleep, meaning the comparison between life awake and living asleep. On or off, or on but lites off. Or otherwise dead. Dreaming in a wake state under hypnosis. And vice versa back once again. So hypnotized by the current paradigm and all its twenty-first century bliss. Facebooked into oblivion. Twittered into a trance. And banked, entertained into submission. Fenomenon supremo of the millennium: the exhibitionist narcissist in negotacione. The ‘day-sleeper’. oh my god, there’s so many of them…

There. How to make an album out of that. An instrumental, album. ehhhr.…. I didn’t have a clue. How do you sit at the piano and go; okay, let’s play a revolutionary track! Let’s change the course of thinking of Man with this beat!. Ah one two … On the one y’all !! Okay. That’s not gonna happen, not with me. But I kept the latter in mind making the tracks, but where the thing’s at is at the order of the tracks and the titles. During the weeks, months of making the Noam, I payed close attention to the day-sleepers and their objective. And to the world around me seemingly unaware of the plot. And my reaction to it, and to them would be my inspiration for building. The tracks. It got to the point where asking myself “dude, why?” ,why humor the world that brought ‘this’ all about? I guess because I consider Music to be out and above it. I devised a gnarly way to hide, obfuscate my message in the obvious. I have a special rulebook regarding music, let that be noted. Not particularly me making it, but more along the lines of Bach,Davis and Hendrix. Music, you know? Ayway. I made it the habit to work on the TBQ album in the afternoons and the ‘Noam’ after diner, coffee and a smoke, while every morning after listening to the rushes from the day before while making breakfast. Bliss. Never felt like stopping. I guess it all came down to wanting to be alone, angry and working. 




So what does one do on a sabbatical? Time off’s a weird concept for me to even begin contemplating but it’s up. I’m back in Holland, without my gear. Without cables. Without a lot of things, persons and a cat, that I miss. They’re still in Colom at Vila Maya. I just did a head count on all the releases between 2012 and 2014: 64. That’s sixtyfour. Of which 12 albums and the rest EP’s because I got tired of releasing singles, or so. I’ve lost track. I believe there is a reason for most of it. I just haven’t figured it out yet. I just feel that I haven’t begun to make some serious music yet. My best is still on the AMR shelves. But that is another story all together. So what do I do coming out of the Latin American sun and daily routine? Sleep, at best. But that gets really boring after a few nights, a few hours. Then what to do with my hours, apart from re-thinking why I left in the first place and what I’d left. But, I am beginning to see a pattern there. In here.

Within the scope of my narrow and egotistical conception I dare to say I need to get out of this place. But that’s only theoretical.

I miss my wife and cat, I miss my place, I miss my room and my speakers, shit mate, I miss all of the opposite equally. The club, the freedom, the narcissistic endurance of what the nite could possibly bring. But no, most of all, I miss my wife and my cat Ringo. And that while I’ve been back only for three weeks. I have no way of telling what I’ll be up to in a week or two, but what I know is that the ‘real-world’ is passing me by, actually it has gone out of my view or I have moved to another plane of being.

The rain is soothing and J’s troubled cat came to keep me company on a reed chair, while winking his eyes to me kindly as if to say, “mate, you’re not  done, chill and all will be revealed, tomorrow, By the powers invested in me, I believe that, this very cat,

and that ‘ll be the end of it for some time to come, my exposure, my music.

so, stay tuned, keep loving and BE cool. Aahhight?

Don Sebastian,

Luiz DePalma



As I have turned 45 this year and to celebrate my 30 year plus long connection and relation with electronic music, House music and Techno I’d thought I do a tribute. To Detroit tech and house in particular. When I told everyone at AMR about the plan they thought it was a great idea but only if I were to restrict myself to a basic set of gear and instruments. Stuff that we actually used back then, back in the days. So I went about and made a list of potential candidates. That proved harder than I thought it would be. But I found an old to-do list from a gig I did back in 94 and I started looking at some pictures of my setup back in precisely those days. I also started listening to the work and releases from between 92 and 98. To get some real clues as what to shelve and what to pick. I have to say, to be perfectly honest with y’all, after my little self research project; I cheated.

So I decide to have the backline, rhythm, bass and fx to be totaly vintage and authentic, as authentic as possible and have all the layering, synths and percussion samples be from the here, now and present. Personally I thought that would be an acceptable compromise. We all agreed and I went to work.

I set out to do long jams of ideas I had written down in my notebooks and see where it would take me. Usually cooking up some beats on the 909 and or 808 and get the 303 cooking. Those three would from here on be my base ingredients for the 45Motorcity recipe. Then get a couple of these jams going before reaching for any other layers or synths. And just get those to sound as I possibly could with the FX and outboard I had selected to do the thing. Again that also, proved harder than I thought.  Yet the sound was as a whole raw and very compelling to me. It sure brought back some sweet memories. Of gigs, of shows I’ve seen and of the privilege to have been able to live and produce throughout most of the evolution of the whole thing. Which in term brought out new ideas for new tracks. It also marked the end of my stay in Colom, and Vila Maya for I was returning to Amsterdam, from where I’m now writing this. Anyway. After the latter I started adding layers and texture to the six or eight jams I had made or so. I really used the crack out of the Spectral. Arpegios are and will always be my bread and butter. Skanky snare motifs as well. I’m only now, listening back the thing, that I’m becoming aware of that.

There is a beauty about independence - in de pan dance. Aux bout de la montagne de l’experience…

Yeah, this EP’s for all you Detroit tech men who have inspired and fascinated me over the past 20 years. And your connection with Holland, Amsterdam and Abcoude. Stacey, Carl and Derrick in the very first place.

I have to stop now for a while, doing what I love to do more than anything; making music, playing with sound. But I think I can look back for a bit, and get my head around what I’ve done so far for the last four years. Best I could do is write a more in depth key note on Noamsky, or stay sober. Whichever. I’m just darn grateful. For everything…